Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mesothelioma kit developed ...

Mesothelioma kit developed aimed at early detection asbestos-linked cancer (Kyodo via Yahoo! Asia News)
_ Researchers at Juntendo University and a medical laboratory in Gunma Prefecture have jointly developed a blood-testing kit that may help detect mesothelioma, a cancer believed to be caused by inhaling asbestos, the researchers said Friday.

Japan: 374 Workers Die in Asbestos Handling (WJLA-TV Washington D.C.)
TOKYO (AP) - More than 370 factory workers died and nearly 90 others were sickened after handling asbestos over a decades-long period, Japan's trade ministry announced Friday in a national survey following reports about health problems linked to the carcinogenic material.A total of 374 people died of mesothelioma — a cancer of the lining of the chest cavity, lungs or stomach — or pneumoconiosis,

My New Medical/Fitness Blog

This is a new blog I just created where I plan on talking about fitness including general health issues including atkins, diabetes, cancer, mesothelioma etc.

My goal is to comb the net for these topics and create a directory of awesome posts on the subject.

Stay tuned.